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PingTool: Speedtest

You can use the Speedtest tool to perform internal network speed tests via the PingTool. Copy operations are performed within a few seconds and the bandwidth in Mbps is determined. You can define up to three speedtest destinations, which you can select via the drop-down field. These can be UNC paths or paths with drive letters.

Download Speedtest tool

The speedtest has been integrated into PingTool since PingTool version 4.2 and no longer needs to be downloaded separately. Simply click on the "Speedtest" button:

Set up the speedtest destination

The speedtest is performed between your computer and a network folder that you can specify yourself. The following facts must be fulfilled for the speedtest destination:

  • Read and write permission
  • Speedtest files must exist

Proceed as follows to set up a speedtest destination:

  1. Use a network folder to which you have read and write permissions or create a new one. This can be a UNC path (example: \\Fileserver1\Data\Speedtest) or a path with a drive letter (example: O:\Speedtest).
  2. Enter this path in the Speedtest tool under "Speedtest destination". Click on "Start". A window appears that checks the remote directory. The first two checks should show a green tick and the third a red X. Now click on "Create files now".
  3. Click on "Repeat check". All three checks should now show a green tick. Close the window and perform a speed test.

Enter fixed speedtest destinations
There are two ways to enter a fixed speedtest destination so that it can be selected from the drop-down field:

Option 1: Pass the speedtest destinations as arguments when calling the Speedtest.exe file. Use the following syntax:

Speedtest.exe -language:<english|german> -remotepath1:<path1> -remotepath2:<path2> -remotepath3:<path3>

Speedtest.exe -language:english -remotepath1:\\FS-NewYork\Speedtest$ -remotepath2:\\FS-London\Data\Speedtest -remotepath3:o:\it\speedtest

Put the path in quotation marks if it contains spaces.

Option 2: Enter the speedtest destinations in the PingTool.ini file. The file is located in the same directory as the Speedtest.exe file. Use the following syntax:



If both options are used at the same time, the option with arguments has the higher priority.

Check speedtest destination
Via the 3-dot menu and "Check speedtest destination..." you have the option of checking the currently selected speedtest destination for functionality. The speedtest destination should contain 4 files with the sizes 1MB, 5MB, 32MB and 128MB. At least the two files with the size 1MB and 5MB must exist so that the speed test can be performed. If you are expecting results above 10 Mbps, the two large files should also exist to ensure an accurate measurement result.



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