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PingTool: Sending E-mails

PingTool can send mails if an object does not respond.

Sending mails with PowerShell

The PingTool scope of delivery includes the PowerShell script SendMail.ps1, which can send emails via a mail server. The script is located in the %localappdata%\PingTool\User directory after the PingTool is started for the first time and can be called with the following command:

PowerShell.exe -File "%PingToolPath%\User\SendMail.ps1" "NOT RESPONDING" "%hostname%" "%ipaddress%" "%tcpport%" "%description%" "%macaddress%" "%vendor%" "%responsetime%" "%state%"

The following lines must be adapted for your environment:

$Username = "MyName@MyDomain.com";
= "MyPassword";
= "Mailserver.MyDomain.com";

The script can be modified according to your needs - for example, so that you do not have to enter the password in plain text.




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