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PingTool: Repositories

Create a central repository for configurations. In larger networks, this enables several administrators to access the same, centrally maintained configuration files. A configuration file contains a list of objects that are pinged by PingTool. Configuration files and repository files are opened via the "Open" button (or Ctrl-O) and have the file extension .cfg.

An application example: In the event of a partial failure of the company network, it is extremely important to get an overview of the status of the network as quickly as possible. This is where the centrally maintained repository comes into play. Thanks to the repository, every admin has the same basis of configuration files, for example "REPOSITORY - All Routers" or "REPOSITORY - Important Servers". In addition to the central repository files, each admin can of course maintain their own configurations.

Read also how to install PingTool centrally in a network share so that several admins can access it.

Repositories - special configuration files

A repository file differs from a normal configuration file in that it begins with "REPOSITORY". Repository files cannot be easily overwritten by the PingTool user. The user receives a message that the changes will be discarded the next time PingTool is started.

The central repository

You should use a network share as a repository that can be read by all admins.

Set up the respository:

  1. Create a configuration in PingTool by adding the desired objects.
  2. Save the configuration in your central repository. This can be a path with a drive letter or a UNC path. Use a file name that begins with "REPOSITORY", for example "REPOSITORY - All Routers".
  3. Enter the following for the administrators in the PingTool.ini file (same path as PingTool.exe): RepositoryPath=<MyPath>, for example RepositoryPath=\\Fileserver1\Admin$\Repository

When you restart PingTool, all configuration files starting with REPOSITORY are copied to the local directory %localappdata%\PingTool\Configs after 5 seconds and can be used by the admin.

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